Help Sick or Mobility Impaired Dogs

Help Sick or Mobility Impaired Dogs

Adorable Darling offers you a selection of products to help sick or mobility impaired dogs.  Examples are dog lift support vest, lift harnesses, auxiliary belts for dogs.  Dogs who are sick, elderly or injured need help getting around and these support vests, lift harnesses or auxiliary belts are designed to take some weight off of dog’s legs, hips, or spine.

Here are some of the positive benefits that these dog lift products provide:

  • Help your dog go up and down stairs.   You just have to lift up gently on the harness handle while walking beside your dog. Don’t try to lift your dog off the ground. The Dog lift harness is design to just take some of the weight off her hips and legs.
  • Make it easier for your dog to hop into the car.  Getting into a vehicle can be difficult for a dog with ailing hips or joints. This split-harness allows you to simply lift your dog’s by the hips and shoulders.
  • Assist your dog when it’s to go outside to poop or pee. Your dog may still need your help in getting to the perfect place to poop or pee. This lift harness doesn’t cover the dog’s private part and makes it easy for your dog to assume position when nature calls.
  • Have an easier time walking your injured dog . Your dog may also need support to either lift the body off the ground. Whether it is a partial lift or full body lift, dog lift harness support the dog’s hips and shoulders and ensure safety for both your pet and the pet owner or care taker.
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