Bored at Home? Get a Dog

Bored at Home?

Are you bored  at home ? Is this pandemic causing you extreme anxiety and sadness ? Do you feel like your life has been taken away from you because you are unable to go out and meet friends?    Yes, there’s facebook, Instagram, wechat, viber, whatsapp and even zoom! But you still feel so bored, right ? Okay, you’ve done your daily physical activity by doing some stretching, yoga or aerobics in the comfort of your living room. But you still feel it’s not enough.  So, you get a snack, watch some TV and after a while, you are back to being bored.

You can only send messages and make phone calls every so often before you get flagged as someone who is too clingy and too needy. Who would want to be labeled as such ?  But there’s still something, you’re still unable to connect. Talking to your siblings can be fun sometimes, but you can only tolerate so much before irritation sets it.   Spending way too much time with your parent’s doesn’t seem to be the answer either.

So what to do ?  Any suggestion on How Not to get bored during this pandemic ? You have many options to not get bored at home.  Take the lead and involve your entire family to make these at home activities more fun. Have you tried gardening ? Growing your own food during this pandemic is not only economical, it is also therapeutic.  Even if you don’t have a big yard, you can try planting in a pot and expect to harvest in a few weeks.  You can start with tomatoes,  Bell Peppers, Eggplant, and Bean Sprouts and see how they grow in no time. In a few weeks, you will be cooking delicious meals with your own harvest.

If gardening isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret, there are other things to try. How about sewing ?  With face masks becoming a daily necessity, start with sewing your own face mask. Don’t have the necessary cloth or sewing machine ?    It’s easy enough to sew by hand using your cut-up old shirts.  Just Google it and you’ll surely find sewing by hand tutorial on youtube.

Adorable Darling Bored at Home? Get a Dog
Bored at home? Get a Pet!

These two options are just too girly or too domesticated for you ?  Here’s one that you will surely love ! Get a pet , preferably a dog !  Show your pet dog all the love and are that you would to a human being.   It may be a lot of work, enough to keep your time occupied, but also very satisfying.

Start off your day by walking your dog.  Before heading out, use appropriate dog collar or harness  paired with a good quality and durable leash. One thing you don’t want is for the leash to break  while walking or running with your dog. Run if you wish and be sure to keep it at your dog’s pace so as not to make your pet too tired.    As you walk or run around your yard or your neighborhood,  don’t forget to keep your mask on and keep a safe distance from the neighbors or passersby you encounter. After all, we should never forget that we are still dealing with the COVID situation.   While keeping a safe distance, you can still show off your dog and have a quick chat with your favorite neighbors.

After your walk or run, don’t forget to give your dog some water to drink.  A Pet is not a toy and bear in mind that you need to treat your pet like a human being to receive so much love in return.   If you carry around a water bottle to keep you hydrated, you can also carry a pet feeding bottle for your dog.  Look for a portable feeding bottle that will make it easier for your dog to drink. Check out Adorable Darling’s website.

Make sure you clean your dog’s paws prior to entering your home.  You have a couple of options, use wet wipes to clean your dog’s paws or simply hose them down. Yes, wash it. If you still think it’s such a chore,   think about getting a pet paw washing bottle, it brushes and thoroughly clean your pet paws. You just have to fill it with water and discard the dirty water after each use. This product is also available at Adorable Darling.

Naturally, your pet must eat.  Be sure to get the dog food that suits best for your pet’s size and age.  It may be tempting to feed your dog regular food, but remember, your dog other nutrients that he or she may not get from eating regular food and in some cases, human food may not be suitable for dogs and could cause adverse reaction or health issues.   Training your pet is also your responsibility and that includes training your pet when to eat and how much to eat.  To ensure your pet does not overeat or choke during meals, invest in a good quality anti-choke pet feeding bowl.

Whether you have the funds to spend at the pet salon, with the current COVID situation, it may be wise to take care of your pet grooming at home.  Not only  will you be able to save money on pet care, it could also be a fun activity for you and your dog.   Just remember  not to give your dog a shower every single day as pets could get sick.  Bi-Weekly bath or even a monthly bath would suffice provided that you wipe your pet down on a daily basis.   Oh, there are many type of dog shampoos to choose from !   Lavender Shampoo not only smells great, it also has a therapeutic effect, so try it!   Of course,  you may also want to get dog brush, get the professional knot removing dog brush from Adorable Darling!

Playtime should of course be balanced with nap time ! To remain healthy, your pet needs to rest too! Just like a baby, establish nap time and sleep time for your dog.  Dogs who get enough sleep are livelier and more fun to be with.  Train your pet to build healthy sleeping habits. Invest in a good calming pet bed to sooth your pet to sleep.

Whether you are mainly staying home or allowed to go out, more than likely, you are still mindful of your appearance and take time to dress up. Why not dress up your dog with cute outfits too !    Pick comfy pet clothes or a matching pet and owner outfit. Wouldn’t that be a nice way of showing off your dog on your next walk ?  It’s also a sure way of getting people to notice and complement you for taking good care of your pet.  So believe me when I say having a pet means never being bored at home again.

With so many things to do with your pet, the daily care routine alone is enough to occupy your free time.  I’m almost certain you won’t be able to say you are still bored at  home. Having a dog at home is indeed so much fun.  There is no time to get bored when you have someone to care for, just like another human being.  Dogs can be our best friend. Often times, they are better than our real best friends!  You would have a gained a forever loyal pal by raising a dog.


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